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3 Reasons to Add a Live Chat to Your Website NOW

Ding, ding, ding. As I was sitting at my desk at Boucher + Co.’s offices last week, I heard a distinct ring from across the room. Immediately, I knew this was no ordinary notification, but rather a very important one: a notification from our site’s live chat software. A few years ago, live chat software […]

Should you advertise on Instagram?

Should I believe the noise? I hear it all the time – in bars, from our clients, or when I’m meeting new people at one of the many networking events I attend every month. With each passing week, the sentiment seemingly growers louder. “Facebook is dead!” people tell me. Then, they continue: “Instagram is the […]

Spark Interest with Brand Empathy

Brand empathy? Sounds strange, right? How can brands have feelings? Welcome to social media; brands now go beyond being just brick & mortar stores or simply products & tools. They need that extra spark to stand out in a saturated market. Brand empathy is a great way to create that extra spark & fuel a lasting flame. Empathy – […]