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Videos and SEO – The Hidden Link

When you think about SEO, the first thing that comes to mind probably won’t be putting a video on your website. Although many don’t think there is a link between the two, videos and SEO are related. On top of that, videos help convey the emotion of the message when compared to descriptive texts. Don’t […]

Creating Compelling Content

Monday mornings are sometimes rough, especially when it comes to generating creative content for SEO purposes. In the old days, solely optimizing pages and building links were good enough for your SEO, but it isn’t like that any longer. Now, creating compelling content is king. The new standard is set so that you must frequently […]

Creative SEO: How to Newsjack

Google is continuously growing as they do their best to reduce web spam and block misleading and manipulative links. Unfortunately, to small businesses, this translates nothing more than, “Link building is manipulative and bad.” This is not true though. So with this in mind, how could so much disparity exist between people’s knowledge and the […]

Coming Soon: Facebook Hashtags

Whether you hate them or love them, hashtags are reportedly coming to Facebook. There is no word official word from the social media giant, and the introduction of the trend-inducing keywords may not be imminent. From an online marketing perspective, this will dramatically helps prospects and clients be found over the social network. Facebook hashtags […]

The New Facebook News Feed: Are You Ready?

Major changes regarding the new Facebook news feed are being announced on Thursday, March 7. Although it is not certain what the actual changes are, you can almost guarantee seeing a status update from a disgruntled friend ranting about how he or she hates the new changes implemented on Facebook. Some speculation is that the changes […]