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SEO Strategy: Are You Living in a Fairy Tale?

Are You Living in a SEO Strategy Fairy Tale? It is always difficult to consider what SEO strategy to pursue, especially if you are a small business. An analogy one can make is regarding the fairy tale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. SEO can feel like a myth sometimes filled with mysteries and hidden […]

Brands Need to Listen on Social Media

In order for your business to successfully operate on social media platforms, you must be willing to listen and respond to your customers. Brands need to listen to what the customers say because ignoring the customers will do no good. Why do Brands Need to Listen? According to ABC News, the brand Lululemon Athletica suffered […]

Effect of Colors on Pinterest

New information regarding colors on Pinterest, according to Curalate, explains what types of images get the most pins and repins. After examining over 500,000 images, here are the results. Colors on Pinterest play a big role on which images get repinned. Images with a reddish-orange color tone are twice as likely to get repinned as an […]

Social Media Secrets: The Diamond in the Rough

Before diving into the social media secrets that each platform has to offer, the most common misconception is that people believe the same rules can be applied to all the different social media platforms. That is wrong. Each message should be specifically tailored to the social media platform you wish to present it in. These […]

Need to Disavow Links? Use a Machete

There’s always a lot of talk regarding Google’s Disavow links Tool. Should webmasters disavow every single link they have and start on a clean slate? Perhaps webmasters should maybe disavow small batches of links and test what happens? According to Matt Cutts, shared by John Mueller on Google Plus, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, […]

Why Your Common SEO Mistakes May Keep You in the Past

You may remember the old days of SEO where you can easily use some techniques to rank up high, increase traffic, and ultimately get cash. While taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about the past, we can see how Google has adapted to the situation. These SEO “mistakes” are no longer considered being […]

The 5 Basic SEO Mistakes People Make

Ever wonder why that amazing site of yours isn’t getting the search traffic you wanted? Google created a new Webmaster Help video featuring head of webspam Matt Cutts, who reveals the five biggest SEO mistakes. 1. Your Site Isn’t Crawlable A huge mistake people make is that either their site cannot be crawled or they […]

Leverage Your Brand: How Social Tragedies Occur

Wondering when your brand should avoid using social media to advance its goals and values? Look no further than the Boston Marathon bombings. With the tragedy of this week’s Boston Marathon bombing, major cellphone services in the Boston area were shut down, but social media was alive and well. Thriving, in fact. A recent study […]