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Are You Wasting Your PPC Budget?

Small business owners typically spend around $1,200 a month on PPC according to WordStream. Unfortunately, not all of the money is used properly. How can you properly allocate an effective PPC budget? A study from WordStream showed how a small business might fail to properly spend their PPC budget. One reason for this is due […]

Holiday SEM Strategy: How to Prepare Right Now

The fourth quarter creeps up every year, and most businesses succumb to “holiday fever” without revisiting their SEM strategy. Whatever product or service you market, Q4 opens new possibilities for SEM strategy and there is still time to harvest revenues by devising a sound plan now. Consider our task checklist as your business nears the […]

New York Cracks False Online Reviews

New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, cracks false online reviews by setting up a fake yogurt shop in Brooklyn. There were 19 firms that responded to commission false reviews on websites such as Google, Citysearch, Yelp, and Yahoo. They were fined $350,000. Schneiderman stated, “Consumers rely on reviews from their peers to make daily purchasing […]

Increase the SEO Budget: Now is the Time

We have written about the changes Google Panda and Google Penguin brought to the SEO world. With Google penalizing low-quality websites, big businesses are moving away from low-quality SEO practices as well. It is the smaller website owners that rarely have funds to spend on SEO services and are slow to increase their original SEO […]

How to Rank High on Google SERP

[Source: SERP] About a decade ago, creating a website to have it appear on Google’s search engine page was fairly simple: choose a domain and learn basic HTML codes. But visibility between competing websites is not so easily acquired now that Google’s ranking system is based on quality content, authenticity, and the ease of usability. […]

What Does SEO Mean in 2013?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has transformed from a strategy to a business necessity in the way brands, services, and products vie for market visibility. “Build for humans and not search engines,” is not just a suggestion from Google—it is a warning. As Google continues to amend its search algorithm, so must develop the definition of […]

Pure Spam: Website Examples from Google

Google is always contending with troublesome webmasters and SEO professionals looking for way around the white hat techniques. They look for small holes and crevices that allow them a shortcut to rank as highly and quickly as possible, sometimes building pure spam websites. Google told the SEO community about what “black hat” techniques to avoid […]

Are Facebook Hashtags Working? Too Early to Tell

Simply Measured recently released findings regarding Facebook hashtags and the level of engagement. When new features are released into the realm of social media, most marketers jump head-first. A few days later, the general public joins in. It has only been a little over a month and the findings are might be a little dramatic. This […]

Yet Another Google Panda Update?

Although Google said that they would not confirm rolling out any Panda updates, are we about to see another Google Panda update? Unlike previous Panda updates, the new Panda update will not have as great of an impact. Matt Cutts has previously stated that the Panda updates will roll out during the course of 10 […]

Crowdsourcing Mistakes: When Crowdsourcing goes Horribly Wrong

When brands resort to crowdsourcing, they allow the audience to put into and show that brands are listening. Although it is a great way to get your audience involved, it may not always go in the direction you intend it to. Marketers that walk in blindly will definitely trip on the crowdsourcing mistakes. Mountain Dew’s […]