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Shopping on Social Media

Consumers are constantly on the search for the most convenient way to shop. Most people no longer have time to visit a store physically, so they turn to online shopping. Throughout the years, the online experience has evolved – to the point where now users can purchase products straight from social media. One of the […]

Amazon To Expand Its Sponsored Products Ads

Digital marketing has proven to be a highly-successful way to generate new customers, and Amazon is one of the best websites to grow your customer base with. Ever since its inception, Amazon has been one of the preferred sites for companies to sell their products. And, for the brands that are willing to invest more […]

Micro Vs. Macro Influencers

Digital marketing has taken a whole new turn with the rise of influencers. Chances are, you have looked into a product because you saw someone promoting it on social media. Influencers have become an integral part of digital marketing in just a short period of time because they have strong relations with their followers and […]

Cambridge Analytica

The social network, Facebook, and a company called Cambridge Analytica are under fire by the general public due to the uncovering of some unsettling information. Cambridge Analytica  acquired data of more than 50 million Facebook users and used it to influence voters during the 2016 presidential election. The company was hired by Trump’s presidential party […]

Shopping on Instagram

Instagram has been testing a shoppable-feature on the application since late 2016. This feature would allow brands to post an image with price tags and descriptions that would link to purchasing the specific product. At first, the shoppable-post was only accessible to a handful of brands within the United States. Last year, the feature expanded […]