Are Facebook Hashtags Working? Too Early to Tell

Simply Measured recently released findings regarding Facebook hashtags and the level of engagement. When new features are released into the realm of social media, most marketers jump head-first. A few days later, the general public joins in. It has only been a little over a month and the findings are might be a little dramatic. This data only reflects the beginning of Facebook hashtags. We will need to wait it out to see if  hashtags are catching on. The report analyzed the activity of the top 100 brands on Facebook  and found that they utilized hashtags quite heavily. From the initial measurement of June 12 to the end of the month, the usage of hashtags among brands have inreased by around 20 percent.

So, are Facebook Hashtags Working?

Simply Measured stated:

“As brands integrate more Facebook hashtags in social campaigns, and Facebook users become more familiar with discovering content through hashtags, post engagement will indicate whether including hashtags is an effective brand tactic.”

Looking at the Simply Measured report, the initial findings look like Facebook hashtags are working. The graph above shows a continuous increase in the number of brand posts that incorporate hashtags. Only time will tell whether Facebook hashtags truly work or if it’s just another trick to copy other social media platforms.