Amazon To Expand Its Sponsored Products Ads

Digital marketing has proven to be a highly-successful way to generate new customers, and Amazon is one of the best websites to grow your customer base with.

Ever since its inception, Amazon has been one of the preferred sites for companies to sell their products. And, for the brands that are willing to invest more money into it, they can have Amazon sponsor their products. How this sponsorship works is basically having the brand’s product appear at the top of a search. For example: if a customer searches for blenders, then the company that paid for their blender to be the top search will have their product be the first one to appear.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads may be expanding, changing the marketplace.

In an attempt to outpace Google and Facebook, Amazon will be rolling out a new feature that will allow for its Sponsored Product Ads to run on other websites, within Amazon’s marketplace.

This will work by retargeting consumers that have visited Amazon’s website, showing them an ad on the current website, and clicking on the ad will redirect the consumer back to Amazon where they can instantly shop for the product. This presents as a strong advantage for the company, especially since Google does not have the ability to have its ads click-through to purchase on Amazon. And, Amazon’s conversion rate for ads is three and a half times the rate of Google’s.

Amazon is already testing this new expansion with a broad audience.

This new advertising feature is still in its testing phase, but according to insiders it will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks.

Once it goes live, it will be interesting to see how consumers react to it and how other companies adapt to this new form of sponsorship.

With the rapid growth Amazon has shown as a company, there is no doubt that it will surpass both Google and Facebook in the near future. According to eMarketer, the company is expected to become the number three ad seller company in the United States by the year 2020.