A Google Panda Update Just Around the Corner

From the desk of Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, you can expect another Google Panda update coming your way either this Friday, March 15, or next Monday, March 18.

What kind of change, you ask? In short, Google’s Panda updates will now happen in real-time, with the transition of Panda into Google’s standard search algorithm. Less surprises for webmasters? Maybe. Less headaches? Not so much – the Panda updates may still sting.

With Panda’s first release in February 2011, it aimed to put high-quality websites higher in the search rankings, while reducing the placement of those websites displaying so-called “low-quality” content. With this change, be sure to keep an extra eye out on your website analytics. If you happen to see a sudden flood of traffic to your page – or a sudden exodus – it may be an indication that you just might get hit by the Panda update.